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About Me

My name is Christina Ann, mother of three amazing children. Raising them is my full-time job. I have a wonderfully supportive boyfriend, whom I love immensely. We spend most of our free time making things out of other things, exploring, baking or making messy memories with our hands.

I am a highly sensitive individual and have lived with high functioning anxiety for most of my life. At a very young age, painting, crafting and creating quickly became a part of who I am. My outlet. The color to my world.

I have never sought to sell my work, as it's been personal therapy and I grow to love every piece individually. But all good things must be shared! With support from my loved ones, and the faith of my children.. I opened up shop!

Lewcid Universe is a place where I can share my creations with everyone! All pieces are individual and one of a kind. I've recently taken up wire wrapping and weaving. I am excited to progress with these techniques and bring you even more intricate designs, with even more beautiful gems!

You can also find many Orgone pieces I've made here in the shop.. a little bit about Orgone energy..

I have been researching Orgone energy on the body and atmosphere; the work of Wilhelm Reich for some time now. Wilhelm first discovered this bio-physical energy (he called Orgone) when working on Sigmund Freud's theory of neurosis in humans. Wilhelm believed that traumatic experiences influenced, conflicted, or even blocked the natural flow of bio-energy in the body; Ultimately leading to physical, emotional or mental disease.

In all honesty.. I am an experienced psychic medium and intuitive healer and was called by Spirit to create these mesmerizing pieces of work. After a significantly traumatic time in my family's life, I was lead to this research and work and was drawn into creating my very own healing pyramids and jewelry. The calming effects you experience from this work is outstanding. Not only do I get to flex my creative muscle, but I bring bio-physical resonance healing into the equation and it seems like a dream come true.

I've sold over 30 pyramids from Switzerland and Germany, to California and Canada. Unfortunately, my shop was closed down from the site provider due to a Copyright on the term I was using for my art. 

Thus, A NEW SITE WAS BORN! And I can bring you my artwork in peace!