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Orgone Info & Facts

What is Orgone?

Orgone is a term that was first used and discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Primarily composed of metals- such as Aluminum, Brass, Copper variations, Silver variations, and Gold. These compacted layers of assorted mixed metals are set in an epoxy resin, often with terminated quartz at the core of the piece, or other natural gemstones or magnetic stones. The epoxy resin heats and constricts the materials and crystals as it cures into it's shape. Afterwards, the compressed and solidified material has what's known as a piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electrical charge when pressure is applied.

Facing the Facts. Quartz crystal is a superior energy inductor. If it wasn't, we wouldn't use it in computer technology or Liquid Crystal Definition Televisions! This isn't Sci-fi; it already exists!

What does it do?

Orgone is used to filter or lessen the effects of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) emitted from tech devices. EMF is composed of Positive Ions. High amounts of Positive Ions in our environment can be toxic.  Everything from Tv's to Server Routers, cell phone's to microwaves, cell towers in residential neighborhoods.. all of it emits different amounts of EMF. Some of them create HUGE amounts of EMF! High exposure to EMF is known to cause cellular damage, hinder nervous system function and may even be responsible for cancerous tumors or unusual growths.. other lesser symptoms include frequent headaches, insomnia, unexplained aches and pains with no original cause or origin. Humans need negative ions in our energy fields. Negative ions help our bodies use oxygen, delivering it to all the cells and tissues.

With the healing Quartz crystal "activated" by the piezoelectric effect, the crystals structure and function is enhanced!

The Quartz crystal can now 'pull' in those positive ions (or EMF) into the Orgone piece to be 'scrubbed' by the base metals in the structure. The energy is pulled in, 'cleaned' or modified, and pushed back out as neutral ions.

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Short 2min clip on Orgonite