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Kyanite w/ faceted Sky Topaz in Argentium


Beautifully silky Blue Kyanite cabachon accented with aTrilliant cut Sky Topaz.. all brilliantly set in Argentium Sterling Silver weave (Tarnish-free!)

*These 2 stones in tandem, help bring a double dose of relief.. Whether it be daily stress/anxiety.. or worries/fears.. They gently alleviate energetic blockages & promote openness & self-control.. Allowing One to be more receptive to emotions & Love.. Topaz is notorious as an empowerment stone.. Helping one attune to their purest self & developing a deep Trust in your personal Power*

Approximately 55mm x 17mm (5.5cm x 1.7cm) in size
(Faux leather cord or faux suede necklace included)