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Lollipop Mini's

$25.00 - $35.00

Amethyst (purple) - Deep Square cut, Approx 2.5cts
Sky Topaz (blue) - Trillion cut, Approx 1.5cts
Peridot (green) - Cushion cut, Approx 3cts

Amethyst stimulates the 3rd Eye Chakra and the Crown chakra.. enhancing psychic abilities, calming the mind and body, enhancing dreams and easing pain in the body.

Topaz stimulates the Throat Chakra.. bringing joy, abundance, generosity and good fortune. Topaz aligns the meridians of the body's energy and delegates where healing/repair/recharge is needed most.

Peridot stimulates the Heart Chakra.. bringing peace to relationships, good health, restful sleep and inspires creativity and divine connection.

Includes 18" cord necklace