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Starseed Tarot Readings by Appointment Only!

$15.00 - $40.00

The Sirian Starseed Oracle Deck is a variety of traditional Tarot
Highlighting the journey to Ascention and Transcendence.. It draws in starseeds and lightwarriors, gently guiding you with wisdom from the Great Universal Source. The traditional Suits- Disks, Wands, Swords and Cups are represented as Crystals, Flames, Orbs and Chalices.
Mini readings are a traditional 3 card draw, topic or question of your choice, or let the deck speak to you!
5 card sessions are essentially an extention or extra detail surrounding the 3 card mini-read. The full 10-card Sirian Starseed Spread offers a larger perspective of the lightworker's current path, struggles, and how 5th dimensional beings are assisting in your journey.

Please leave a message when purchasing - ASAP for my earliest appointment available. I will respond with a confirmation of appointment before the reading.
This is for live readings either in person (if you're local) or through social media messaging, a private LewcidUniverse Facebook group, video chat or Email.

*A message from Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori & Alysa Bartha*
What is a Starseed?
The idea that we are children of the stars is as old as time itself. Seed of other star systems, other galaxies- other universes(or dimensions) entirely! Perhaps, we have chosen this tiny blue sphere, Earth, to be birthed this time around. We have come not only to continue our journey of learning, as we work through the karmic nodes of our many lifetimes, but also to bring more light into the density of our realm, a world of dualities: love & fear, joy & suffering, wisdom & ignorance.
What an exciting time to be here- to have chosen this world in transition to our next step up the stairway of infinite return. Co-creators of all reality, we come in as light, sparks of divinity, keepers of ancient wisdom, and explorers of the "new", knowing that the Akashic Records holds all the knowledge and every single experience ever experienced in the cosmos of the soul.
We set out on this journey- from light to density- encountering ourselves in the archetypes of these arcane keys of self-discovery and revelation. Where does this journey take us and to what end? Who do we encounter along the way and why? How do we see our own reflections in the shadow, and what great lessons are there to be made to shine in the light of our illumination? The Tarot is an exquisite tool of self-discovery, as it is a vehicle of divination. Its powerful images stimulate the subconscious, as they activate the pineal gland- the lighthouse of our conscious awareness. We learn the tools that this world provides us, as Starseed children manifest in form, and we are subtly guided to work with them for the highest good- for ourselves and for those who ask to be shown the way. We peer into the darkness, as we gaze back at the stars, always remembering that we are Starseed awakening. Every step along the spiral of light takes us further along the pathways of home- to Source, the godlight, from which we leap into the abyss and plunge into the density of the physical world- to rise again, at the end of the cycle of life, like the Phoenix.
Pioneers, we hold in our hands a canvas upon which the designers of our immortal journey are depicted as images that have drawn upon the traditions of the past, to breathe a new perspective into the sacred wisdom of masters who have come before us.
Boldly, we stand at the dawn of a great shift in consciousness here and now- on this beautiful sphere in the heavens. Let this unfolding touch you- deep within your soul- where the memory of your star shines back to you, rippling gently over your ancestral waters, into the collective experience of all beings.