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Viking rune & Enochian protection sigils

$10.00 - $20.00 / On Sale

Original spirograph and Enochian (or angel) scripts and sigils featuring viking sigils and symbols of protection. Each drawing, with the power of intent, contains sacred ancient scriptures and seals.. Coding and languages so old they may trigger long repressed memories or feelings from your soul's past.. so you love the stars.. does Sirius speak to you? The knowledge has been buried deep in your DNA...

Picture #1 - 12"x15" (LARGE) Archangels Gabriel and Michael
Picture #2- 12"x15" (LARGE) Archangel Michael and viking Vigvisir
Picture #3- (9"x12") Reiki codes, galactic light language, viking Vigvisir, Triskeleon and Sirian Coding
Picture #4- (9"x12") Archangels Uriel and Michael, Galactic light language
Picture #5- (9"x12") Archangels Michael and Metatron, galactic light language, and viking Vigvisir

Black ink on Arches Cold Pressed 300lb Canvas Paper