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Watercolor Original Characters


Three separate and unique watercolor character designs on watercolor paper.

1- (9"x12") Pikman are the tiny adorable fairies created by the brilliant Ninetendo and now from Niantic (or Nintendo Mobile) I've enjoyed growing and harvesting Pikman as a child, and now I love to play with my kids, and on mobile collecting.

2- (9"x12") Clancy... what's not to love about the sensational Midnight Gospel that rocked Netflix streamers to their core!? I absolutely adore Duncan Trussell.. I love his show, his podcasts, and his soul in general. What a beautiful tribute to one of my heros!

3- (9"x12") ParaNorman is not an average boy in Salem.. but the ancestor of the town's oldest ghost of an accused witch! One of my favorite characters.. and finished with a brilliantly creepy salted watercolor background.. when's Halloween?