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XL Sweet Dreams Night-light Orgone

$131.00 / On Sale

XL Night-Light DayGlow Pyramids made by me!
This fantasy purple DayGlow is full of wire-wrapped crystals.. with mixed metals & premium DayGlow pigments that activate with any UV light source (or SUN)
The tip of this pyramid turns deep grape purple, the longer it's exposed to UV! (Message for more pictures!!)

This pyramid contains 2 magnetic Lodestones, 2 Reiki coil wrapped Onyx (with quarts inclusions) 6 terminated wire-wrapped quarts points, Red Jasper chips, 2 wire wrapped Rose Quartz chunks, 2 Blue Agate, Amethyst chunks/Selenite dust in each 4 corners and local Jupiter Seashells.
Loads of Copper & Gold Flake

Aprox 5.8" x 5.8" (inches)
Each DayGlow purchase comes with activating UV light keychain!