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Psychic Work & FAQ

  • What makes you a psychic intuitive?
  • I believe all people possess the ability to tap in and develop their own psychic intuition! With the right knowledge, an open mind, focus and hard work- you could be a psychic too! I was born a highly sensitive empath (or Clairsentient). I knew I was different and gifted, in ways most were not, at a very young age. I could feel emotions and pain of others; for a long time, felt as if they were my own. I was always fascinated by the paranormal and spirits, though never saw any as a child. In childhood I would exercise my intuition by practicing remote viewing tests, Zener cards or 'guessing games'. I would guess who would be calling when the phone rang, or often explain confusing situations in surprising details that I'd have no physical way of knowing (Claircognizance). I've often used my fingertips to 'explore' or 'feel the air' when working and have even found lost belongings this way. There is a saying in this business though.. All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums... Most recently, after experiencing great trauma and the tragedy of losing my husband, I developed more frequent Clairaudience and Mediumship abilities. I began frequently (often involuntarily) communicating with many loved ones I've lost, and even the loved ones of others. I began reaching out, offering these messages to the people that needed to hear them, helping to ease my own grief, and the grief of others. 

  • What "paranormal services" do you offer?
  • I am happy to announce that I am opening up my shop to Tarot Card sessions! These sessions will be by appointment only, seeing as sometimes it may be in high demand, and I am a busy mother of three first! I am ALWAYS open to any questions or services regarding paranormal investigations, demonology, poltergeist activity, house readings/cleansings/walk-throughs and Mediumship work. Please contact me directly for any of these services!

Also, please note... regarding Mediumship- I offer this reading service free of charge because I cannot guarantee a connection to a specific person at a specific time or by appointment. You may send me an inquiry or picture of the spirit whom you'd like for me to attempt to channel and receive messages from, but it may not be immediate. I may connect a day later, a week later, in a dream or while driving etc..

  • What made you get started in this business?
  • I first knew I wanted to get started in paranormal investigations and psychic-related work when I read about Ed & Lorraine Warren. I realized, aside from them, not many people really knew how to deal with spirit energy or hauntings. Most researchers I found didn't utilize psychic mediumship to actually HELP these spirits or families. Most research crews left hauntings open as "Yep, definitely haunted"... Families moving and the hauntings stayed. I opened myself up in the hopes of helping others, both here and on the other side. The Warren's never charged for their work, they only asked to be reimbursed for travels. So it shall be. As for Tarot services, I've been reading free of charge for many years and was advised by a highly experienced and respected psychic- to not completely give away my talents and energy for free.

  • Do you have experience?
  • I have been working with various Tarot card decks for over 13 years now. Beginning on myself and family, I quickly grew to reading friends and others. Over the past few years, I've opened up to hosting readings on Social Media groups for strangers.. But still read for my family and friends regularly! My paranormal experience began in adolescence, when I started visiting any and every haunted place I could. Hosting my own novice investigations is my favorite past-time! Jokes aside, I have cleansed only a small handful of homes that truly needed it. I've assisted many others in claiming their space, and getting to the root of their paranormal experiences.

  • How much do you charge?
  • Tarot readings will be $15 for mini sessions and $20 for 5-card sessions, with appointment confirmation. All other Medium services, cleansings, questions, investigations or readings will be free of charge. Some services may require an appointment or travel expenses (if needed). Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns, especially if you're currently in fear for yourself or your loved ones.

  • What's the best way to contact you?
  • You can reach me via Facebook or Instagram anytime! Ask me anything by Email: [email protected]  If this is an emergency, please put SOS as your subject header and I will do my best to get you the help and services you need.